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We offer a wide spectrum of services. With BaKu Apps you will get the right solution

Mobile App Developments

We develop cross-plaform mobile apps and all aspects involved. BaKu Apps is experienced in delivering the right mobile solution for you.

Web Development

From website to web app we will develop the right solution for you. If it's .NET, Javascript web technologies or Wordpress, we will find the right tools for your solution.

IoT & Automation

We automate data collection using sensors to make farms, warehouses, and machinery smarter. Or perhaps to just brew your own craft beer at home!


We provide on-site and remote Xamarin and Flutter training. From introdution to advanced topics. Our expert trainers will take your team to the next level.

Recent Projects

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Hooray HR

Mobile App Development

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Mobile App Development

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Brew your own beers!

How does our pricing work?

We always look for the right developers for your situation when determining the hourly rate. Factors that come into play include the length and complexity of the assignment and the skill set required. We offer higl skilled dedicated remote developers for your project.


$25 / hour

  • iOS native
  • Android native
  • Xamarin Forms
  • Flutter
  • React Native


$25 / hour

  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • Anguler
  • Node.js


$25 / hour

  • .NET Core
  • Python
  • Java

Wordpress &
Web design

$20 / hour

  • Templates
  • Plugin development

We provide higly skilled developers for a fraction of the cost?

Our Developers Normal NL rate Savings hourly Savings monthly
Junior Developer from $20 / hour $40 / hour $20 / hour $3360
Medior Developer from $30 / hour $65 / hour $40 / hour $5600
Senior Developer from $35 / hour $90 / hour $55 / hour $8800
Multimedia Designer from $25 / hour $60 / hour $40 / hour $6400

*These rates are starting prices and can vary depending on the duration and skill set required for the assignment.

Our Amazing Team

Meet the passionate, skilled, surprisingly sporty individuals that make up our team.

Bart Kuipers

Bart Kuipers

CEO & Senior Software Developer

Don't want to outsource your development team but want to hire a Dutch developer. I'm here to help your project reach its goals. Contact me and I'll call you back!

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